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Image recognition with Core ML and Vision

Our goal is to build a simple implementation of image recognition. To achieve this, we will use the Vision Framework, which was introduced in iOS 11 to apply computer vision algorithms to perform a variety of tasks on input images and video.

How to setup my mac for development

I got a new Macbook and I'm about to set it up for work. As developers, we have all been there. Oftentimes, when we switch to new jobs. And, this is my quick step-by-step guide to setup a mac for development.

iOS design guide

A guide of standard practices, official guidelines(HIG) for designing iOS/iPadOS applications. This cheat sheet is mainly an attempt to keep track of wide variety of devices and their design constraints that are updated regularly.

How to opt-out of dark mode on iOS

Here's how you can opt-out of Apple's new dark interface style on iOS. You can either opt-out of dark mode entirely or choose specific views, view controllers, or window.

Cocoapods: Find the dependencies of a Pod

Xcode throws errors from a pod dependency and that particular pod isn't mentioned anywhere in your Podfile? Here's how you can find out which of your project's pod is using this erroneous pod.

Newsletters, blogs & developers to follow for iOS developers

As a full-time iOS developer, everyday I’ll be paddling towards that tight project deadline against the high winds. And, I seldom have time to stay in touch with latest trends, announcements, innovations, articles and open source inspirations surrounding iOS development. It’s difficult to stay on top of my iOS game. Can you relate?

Undo Xcode skip bundles

Xcode [on re-launch] shows a 'unexpected code bundles' alert when a new plug-in is identified. This way, Apple informs the user that it is not responsible for the negative effects of these third party bundles. Well, I skipped the bundles accidentally.

How I Interview

As an agency developer, I've had a chance to be part of the recruiting team that recruits new members for the iOS team. Here, I'd like to take you through my thoughts and through the process of conducting interviews for an iOS developer role.

Xcode users can free up space on your Mac

Running out of storage space on your Mac? Are you using Xcode IDE? Note the remaining storage space and try the following steps. You're in for a treat.

Core Data vs Couchbase Lite

I worked with Couchbase-Lite for a complex app, ED Controls, and, many people asked me to describe the advantages of Couchbase-Lite over Core Data, they asked me why we chose Couchbase-Lite over Core Data.

Zombies of Cocoa World

Everyone stay calm, these zombies don't mean any harm!